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We ensure to make sure all your bank details provided here are well secured. Greatfunds will never sell out your details to anybody for any reason, your security is our supreme concern.


Then click on create account and click upgrade here you will be match to pay an upline who is qualified to receive 5k. Pay and get confirmed.Click on the link and register, pay your activation fees and get confirmed.
Note..if your not ready to pay pls don't upgrade..

Remember the earlier you pay and confirmed the early you will also be on queue to receive.

All you need to do is click on MENU in your dashboard you will see list of accounts click on the desired account.. Here is account two you will be match automatically to another member that is qualified to receive at that level and proceed to make payment of 5k for you to qualify to receive your balance.

Any account you created it will turn green meaning that's active.

Any level that's require you to create certain number of accounts just click on menu and click on the required number of accounts and make payments for them and get them confirmed to receive your balance.

In a lame man language you have only ONE BIG account with 24 smaller ones inside it.

Pls note once you have received all at any level you have only 6hrs to upgrade and once you click on upgrade you have 8hrs to make payment.

Fact about Greatfunds

1. Greatfunds will block/suspend your account if you did not meet the 48 hours deadline for payment.

Please do not upload fake proof of payment (POP) to save yourself. Its worse that way. We will publish your details online if you are caught. (But why will you click on the pay button when you do not have the money to pay?) Help this community to serve you better.

2. Greatfunds admin are always on ground to review all issues submitted to support.

Community made for Greatfunds
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Greatfunds is a community created for like minded people with the dream of growing their wealth through mutual peer to peer donations, help others to help you achieve your dream. Greatfunds is here to guide your wealthy vision into reality.

Make money from Home
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With Greatfunds you are guaranteed to make money from the comfort of your home, all you need is a bank account, a device with internet facility and you are on your road to financial success.

Security our Utmost Concern
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This is to remind you that Greatfunds is a very secured online financial platform that enables one to donate and receive money through secured platforms, members data security is our utmost priority.

Double your Investment Within a short period
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Greatfunds gives you an online platform to help you double your investment within a very short period, all you just need to do is play by the rules, cyberbeggers are not needed here.


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